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We continually offer our customers articles which are new both in their design and in their decoration. Innovations are made in the styles, colourings, and forms, changing to meet the tastes of the consumers.

All of our products bear our distinguishing seal, which identify them straight away as being products of Cerámica La Estrella.

Product catalogue
Download the complete catalogue of the articles in PDF format, and you will be able to place your orders in a fast and simple way.
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Raw Materials
At Cerámica La Estrella CLE we use a selection of the best earth, free of salt and impurities, for our manufacturing
We adapt the latest technology to our line of products to optimise production according to market trends
Constant development in our manufacturing processes ensure fast service and quality as standard features of our products
Our wide range of products means that we can offer our clients the ideal piece of pottery for their garden or sitting room
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